On this page you can view pictures that I have taken on my 2003 trip. Enjoy! Please email me with any comments.

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All photos copyright 2003 Robert C. Garavaglia, TravelingOz.Com All rights reserved.

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2003 Trip Pictures:


Sydney Tower          Kings Cross            Sydney Hard Rock    Sydney Tower         Hyde Park


Sunrise in Sydney    Kangaroos              Blue Mountains       Blue Mountains        Three Sisters


Three Sisters          Three Sisters           Three Sisters           Three Sisters          Sydney Opera House


Sydney Center        Across Harbor         Night Fall                Hamilton Island        Hamilton Island


Hamilton Island Resort Catseye Beach    Out on the Reef       Alice Springs Old Telegraph Station


Outback NT            Wild Animal Show    Mt Connor               Endless Road          The Olgas


Ayers Rock NT        The Climb               The Base                 Sunset View           Sunset View


Late Sunset            Sunset Reflection     Outback Sunrise     Don't forget your net!   Kings Canyon, NT


Kings Canyon, NT    No Speed Limit!!     Outback Rainbow      Outback Sunset      Outback Sunset

Click here for an additional page of 2003 trip pictures.



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