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It is great to bump into nice people flying around the world. It is a wonderful world and so many nice people you can still meet in it. Australia and America both wonderful places. Great site Bob keep up the good work...
Ken Randall <>
Perth, W.A Australia - Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 01:04:27 (EDT)
Bob--Enjoyed our visit and now your web site, keep up the good work. Look forward to your additions after your next trip down under. Wes
Edmonds, Wa USA - Wednesday, September 28, 2005 at 21:15:31 (EDT)
I said I would visit. Cool web site I enjoyed it allot . take care .CHRIS
Chris Davis <>
Astoria, OR USA - Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at 14:06:30 (EDT)
Hi Bob, Verify my sign in. Regards, Marty
Martin Boothman <>
Oak Harbor, WA USA - Monday, September 26, 2005 at 20:25:19 (EDT)
Great website. Nice pictures. Bob helped me with my computer. He flew in from St. Louis, MO to fix it!
Shanna Davis <>
Hammond, OR USA - Thursday, September 22, 2005 at 22:43:50 (EDT)
great site
Dr C
St. Louis, MO USA - Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 14:40:20 (EDT)
The website looks great, the pictures are beautiful. Thanks for helping me out the other day at the fair, I showed all my friends the Australian flag tattoo.
Mikey <>
Nashville, TN USA - Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 13:19:11 (EDT)
I think the website is great, Very informative!! Keep up the good work,you've done a great job with it, it's very enjoyable.
Danielle Wells <>
Springfield, TN USA - Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 08:13:17 (EDT)
That is awesome...I am totally jealous because I have always wanted to travel!
Katie Loyd <>
Grand Junction, CO USA - Saturday, September 03, 2005 at 04:52:23 (EDT)
Hi...great site!
Erica Huges <>
Honolulu, HI USA - Thursday, August 18, 2005 at 04:10:39 (EDT)
Looks very nice,looks like you had a good time, hope you enjoy yourself when you go back!!!!
Kylie Stone
farmersburg, in USA - Sunday, August 14, 2005 at 11:46:50 (EDT)
You were right Bob, definitely a great break from the laundry routine in the early morning hours. I loved the pictures and I have already emailed the site address to my brother. Thanks aagain and I'll see you the next time you all come through the Haute!
Tiffani <>
Terre Haute, IN USA - Sunday, August 14, 2005 at 05:51:22 (EDT)
OMG Bob's an awesome dude! Being from a different country its good to meet someone who likes to travel just as much as I do-and the website is banging too!
Anthony <>
Columbia, MO USA - Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 13:43:31 (EDT)
I really enjoy your web site.
Utsav <>
Columbia, MO USA - Sunday, August 07, 2005 at 13:40:55 (EDT)
kevin simpson <>
st.louis, mo USA - Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 02:49:32 (EDT)
Hello, i'm the hostess from the Marriott you stayed at in Ogden Utah. I was told by the cashier, Dana, to tell the gentleman that was with you (with the longer hair) that if he ever comes back here she would be interested in a date! thanks for the visit, have fun yet safe travels!!!
Ogden, Utah USA - Friday, July 22, 2005 at 13:06:14 (EDT)
Wow!! Amazing photos! What a cool website! I look forward to visiting it again when I have more time to learn
Anita Kasper <>
St. Louis, mo USA - Wednesday, July 06, 2005 at 13:35:15 (EDT)
ST LOUIS, MO USA - Friday, July 01, 2005 at 01:20:46 (EDT)
beautiful pictures. enjoyed it thanks bob
miles <>
st.louis, mo USA - Tuesday, June 28, 2005 at 22:14:34 (EDT)
nice site
jeff pate <>
arnold, mo USA - Friday, June 03, 2005 at 23:54:50 (EDT)
Hey Bob! Thanks for fixing my computer! Nice web site!
Nick Toscano <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Wednesday, June 01, 2005 at 18:54:46 (EDT)
wonderful site
Denver, CO USA - Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at 18:52:24 (EDT)
Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI !!
Sydney, NSW AUS - Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 06:57:28 (EDT)
Interesting web site. Awesome pictures. Good job!!
Mike Reeves <>
Arnold, MO USA - Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 00:45:36 (EST)
I thoroughly enjoyed your website....very informative...beautiful pictures....I look forward to any updates...makes me want to visit Australia!
USA - Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 14:23:02 (EST)
I think this site is very informative and it has beautiful scenery.
New York, NY USA - Tuesday, March 08, 2005 at 17:31:21 (EST)
Great Site - Love to go to Australia with you!
Michele Holmes
Columbia, MO USA - Sunday, March 06, 2005 at 03:33:57 (EST)
Bob, you are certainly an Ozophile....The pics are high resolution even on dial up connections. Even for an aussie like me, this is an interesting site.Cheers
USA - Monday, February 28, 2005 at 11:59:30 (EST)
Hmmm, I've never been to Australia; it looks like a nice place to visit. Nice pictures (Ayers Rock, Sydney Opera House), but where are the pictures of the local wildlife? Come on Bob, where are the pictures of the local "birds" (especially the ones from the clothing optional beach)? You old birdwatcher, I know you've got them, so share them with us! BTW, I drank a can of Foster's last month. Ugh! I had forgotten how bad it tastes . . .
Dick H.
St. Louis, MO USA - Friday, February 25, 2005 at 23:42:29 (EST)
hey bob, this is great
julie bertarelli <>
st. louis, mo USA - Sunday, February 20, 2005 at 16:34:05 (EST)
A great informative site. All you need to plan your visit. Keep up the good work Bob.
John Berra <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Wednesday, February 16, 2005 at 20:01:05 (EST)
Bob, after knowing you and talking to you as a retail customer and having heard from yourself about your exciting trips down under, I finally took your advice today and visited your site. It surely took a lot of work to get this done and I know you are planing another trip soon....excellent information.....Goodluck, Ed
Edward Mendez <>
Fenton, Mo USA - Thursday, February 03, 2005 at 23:53:31 (EST)
An outstanding site, very useful for the traveler, accurate and comprehensive based on my own experience working at the zoo in Melbourne for a few months. Keep up the good work.
USA - Wednesday, January 26, 2005 at 00:38:10 (EST)
hey there bob, finally getting a chance to look more closely at the site. very cool. keep in touch, amy
amy willis <>
oakland, ca USA - Monday, January 24, 2005 at 21:04:40 (EST)
Your photos are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your travel memories with me. Your website is amazing.
Anna, St. Peters , MO USA - Monday, January 24, 2005 at 15:02:22 (EST)
Great site, Bob! Thanks for recommending this site at the Winterfest. It's great that you included an audio link to ABC Newsradio. 73 (that's Best Regards for the non-hams).
Eric Bueneman (N0UIH) <>
Hazelwood, MO USA - Saturday, January 22, 2005 at 14:29:01 (EST)
Visiting with the host. Great links page. I'll be back to this site.
Gary Waters
Saint Louis, MO USA - Friday, January 21, 2005 at 00:42:46 (EST)
I liked your site, really informative website, some good links too.
BSP Gallery Bookshop
Australia, USA - Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 20:10:10 (EST)
Looks cool dude. Would love to see the outback, and New Zealand... after seeing THe Lord of the Rings movies.
Dickson, TN USA - Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 00:16:26 (EST)
I love the site....someday I'll visit Australia looks very beautiful...keep up the good work
Misty <>
Grand Rapids, MI USA - Monday, January 10, 2005 at 01:38:04 (EST)
will get back to you later with comments as promised
dave churchman <>
ashland, or USA - Saturday, January 08, 2005 at 01:45:11 (EST)
Australia is a very Kewl part of the world. And they know how to have Fun. I hope oneday to Visit Australia. Julie B
Julie B <>
St Louis, MO USA - Thursday, January 06, 2005 at 02:04:21 (EST)
Wonderful web site! It makes me feel as if I had been there. It certainly makes me wanna go there. For those of us who will probably not get there in our life time, please keep it up and running. Thanks
Tom Cassady <>
Freeburg, Il. USA - Thursday, December 23, 2004 at 22:59:06 (EST)
Great site.... Lots of good and interesting info for consideration.
Ken Lane
Flowery Branch, GA USA - Saturday, December 18, 2004 at 23:21:50 (EST)
good job on the website. great pics. makes me feel like taking a trip to australia.
rocio rossi <>
st. louis, mo USA - Sunday, November 28, 2004 at 21:09:21 (EST)
This website has everything you need, there is no use for any other website when wanting information about Australia.
Stephanie Layton <>
Overland Park, KS USA - Thursday, November 25, 2004 at 16:53:21 (EST)
G'day Bob..from an Aussie's perspective..great website and offers heaps of information for prospective travellers... will refer friends interested in coming out here to it.. Cheers
Judy Rodden <Judy>
Riverhills , Qld Australia - Tuesday, November 23, 2004 at 01:42:19 (EST)
keep it up very nice site
USA - Saturday, November 06, 2004 at 12:55:05 (EST)
Hi Bob, Great Site
Brian R. Chapman <>
O'Fallon, IL USA - Sunday, October 31, 2004 at 17:29:25 (EST)
Looks great!
steven putman <>
Fairborn, OH USA - Tuesday, October 19, 2004 at 09:43:06 (EDT)
Nice website! Great pictures! Wish I could go to Australia.
Jim <>
Terre Haute, IN USA - Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 23:01:46 (EDT)
Awesome website Bob, makes me wish I was in Australia now!
USA - Wednesday, September 29, 2004 at 22:32:30 (EDT)
great site ...good luck with it ...laurie xx
Laurie <>
London, ON, Canada - Wednesday, September 29, 2004 at 15:39:46 (EDT)
great site and bob is a great tour guide .
stan clark <>
sydney, nsw australia - Wednesday, September 29, 2004 at 15:01:27 (EDT)
Great site! Especially the music part. ;)
Mehgan <>
Grand Junction, CO USA - Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 13:43:43 (EDT)
Nice site Bob, Very comprehensive. See you next time I am in Dayton...73 de Chris VK5JJJ
USA - Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 08:18:08 (EDT)
Hey Bob, Australian Festival bartender here. Just thought I would check out your site. Looking good!
Jessica <>
Nashville, TN USA - Thursday, September 16, 2004 at 10:30:43 (EDT)
Great to see you at the Australian Festival. Nice work on the site. See you next year!
Steve Johnson
Nashville, TN USA - Tuesday, September 14, 2004 at 20:13:45 (EDT)
The Australian Festival is going great! Come and say G'Day!
Nashville, TN USA - Saturday, September 11, 2004 at 01:40:09 (EDT)
Seriously, great website Bob, keep up the good work!!
Mason Begley <>
Maplewood, Mo USA - Wednesday, September 08, 2004 at 20:42:45 (EDT)
fabulous stuff....bob
Luisa <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Tuesday, September 07, 2004 at 20:00:58 (EDT)
Awesome website.
Pete Appelbaum
St. Louis, MO USA - Saturday, September 04, 2004 at 15:23:11 (EDT)
Cool site! Love the pictures!
Kelly P.
Dallas, TX USA - Saturday, September 04, 2004 at 00:41:23 (EDT)
Great web site. I have been to Australia 3 times. Keep up the good work.
Gordon Turner <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Friday, September 03, 2004 at 14:53:34 (EDT)
How about a section on HOT Australian women... Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Olivia Newton-John, and Nicki Kidman! to name a few...
Kyle Palacios <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 09:31:47 (EDT)
Great Site! Very informative. Keep it going.
Steve Luepker <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 12:28:49 (EDT)
Nice Site! This is only a test.
Marisia <>
Delfield, FL USA - Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 12:26:54 (EDT)

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