When Clicking on the music links, just minimize the Windows Media Player to continue navigating the site while listening to the music. Or, you can have it play in its own window to the left of your screen if given the choice by your browser. The music is better played on a high speed broadband connection. When listening on a dial up connection, you may have drop outs due to slow speed.

For AOL users, clicking the music links will bring up the Windows Media Player. If you receive an error message in the media player, try clicking the links again. This was tested with with AOL 9.0 and Windows Media Player 10 Series using Windows XP. If you still have a problem, minimize AOL and launch your browser to view this site. This is mostly for dial up users.

For high speed broadband users, always use Internet Explorer or Firefox for best playback.


Press the back button on your browser to return to the main page.


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